Vauxhall Motability

Explore the latest Vauxhall Motability prices from Stellantis &You UK. We offer the latest Vauxhall Motability cars including the bold and powerful Vauxhall Crossland Motability as well as the spacious and versatile Vauxhall Grandland Motability. Find the perfect Vauxhall for you and drive away stress-free in your brand-new car.

Vauxhall Motability Cars


  • Comprehensive Insurance

  • Servicing and Maintenance

  • Full Breakdown Assistance

  • 20,000 Annual Mileage Allowance

  • A New Car Every Three Years

  • Tyre & Battery Replacement

  • MOT & Road Tax

  • Windscreen Repair or Replacement


What is Vauxhall Motability?

Motability is a charity that helps disabled people of all ages. The Vauxhall has been a founding Motability partner since the scheme began in 1977, enabling disabled people to exchange all or part of their government-funded mobility allowance in order to lease a brand new Vauxhall of their choice.

The Motability scheme allows you the choice of three pricing options:

  • Cars that cost less than your allowance
  • Cars that cost the same as your total allowance
  • Cars with an Advance Payment - allowing you to add to your weekly allowance by paying a one-off upfront Advance Payment.

Vauxhall Motability Range

The Vauxhall Motability car range offers a vehicle for everyone whether you're searching for a spacious Vauxhall SUV or an eye catching Vauxhall hatchback. Each Vauxhall has efficient engines, with the new Vauxhall electric range which includes Mokka electric, offering an environmentally friendly, yet impressive new way to travel.

Vauxhall cars are bold,modern and perfectly sculpted. The sleek interiors of Vauxhall cars feature a high-tech cockpit, connectivity technology and state-of-the-art safety technology to offer you extra peace of mind whilst driving.

The Vauxhall Motability Managed Adaptations Programme (MMAP), makes it easy for us to adapt your favouraite Vauxhall to your requirements meaning you don't have to compromise on your vehicle of choice.


Why choose Stellantis &You Vauxhall?

Our Motability Specialists are thoroughly trained to offer you the best experience possible throughout the 3 years of your Vauxhall Motability car. Our Premier dealers will provide:

  • At least 2 accredited, fully trained Motability Sales & After Sales specialists
  • The facility to offer a home visit, if required to assist in selecting the appropriate vehicle
  • Knowledge of adapted vehicles to suit bespoke mobility neeVauxhall
  • A full wash and vacuum of your Vauxhall Motability car after all services
  • While you wait servicing and MOT test, by appointment for your Vauxhall Motability car

Stellantis &You Vauxhall Motability offers the latest Vauxhall vehicles straight from the Vauxhall Motability Price list so you benefit from great Motability offers all year round.