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We've become Stellantis &You, Sales and Services

The new name for Robins & Day is Stellantis &You, Sales and Services. This applies to our 66 franchise locations and is an alignment with Stellantis’ retail division in Europe.

Robins & Day has a rich heritage in the UK with a history of over 100 years that has been focused on providing excellent customer service. The inclusion of Stellantis &You UK brings to the forefront, the benefit of Stellantis as one of the world’s leading automakers and is centred on customer experience. To show the importance of closeness to customer and employee, there is no space present with “&You”.

As a manufacturer owned group we’ll continue to offer the latest new cars from Abarth, Citroën, DS, Fiat, Peugeot and Vauxhall. We also stock of thousands of manufacturer-approved used cars from all major manufacturers, which come with a range of benefits including a 12 month warranty, a comprehensive vehicle inspection and more!

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our aftersales care covering servicing, repairs, MOTs and parts. With 5 Distrigo multi-brand parts hubs, we can ensure that any parts you require reach you and your local dealership in no time at all. Our manufacturer approved technicians work with approved parts so you can be assured of the highest quality service at a time that suits you. All of this can be booked using our simple online service booking platform.

We have 30 locations nationwide with dedicated sales showrooms, workshops and 5 Distrigo parts hubs to offer your the best service possible, you can find your nearest dealer here.



The Abarth brand still maintains its unique DNA, and is a synonym of performance, great driving pleasure and sporty appeal.



Citroën is a brand without boundaries. While French to the core Citroën embrace all cultures and produce cars with ultimate style and comfort.

DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles

The two letters of nobility of automotive haute couture could only be born in Paris, the capital of refinement and avant-garde.



Over the years Fiat has become a symbol of Italy’s technological and creative enterprise, which have changed the country and the history of global mobility forever.



Example of major invention such as its myriad of successes, Peugeot has written some of the finest pages of automotive history.



Vauxhall is the UK’s longest established car brand, producing ground-breaking innovations through the generations.

Our History

Stellantis &You UK, Sales and Services is one of the largest dealer groups in the UK, with locations nationwide offering new cars, used cars and aftersales facilities. Our story started over 100 years ago with two talented bicycle businesses combining. Discover our unique history through the decades below:


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Stellantis &You Sales and Services, the new name for Robins & Day. The inclusion of Stellantis &You UK brings to the forefront, the benefit of Stellantis as one of the world’s leading automakers and is centred on customer experience. Stellantis &You UK, Sales and Services, brings together 12,000 collaborators, representing 11 brands across 12 countries, with a shared vision.


At the beginning of 2022 we revealed a new name of Robins & Day by Stellantis &You UK as a step towards alignment with Stellantis &You UK, Sales and Services, the new name for Stellantis’ retail division in Europe. This would ease the transition of the Group being completely re-named in 2023 to Stellantis &You UK.

Fiat Abarth Dealership

During 2022, we welcomed Fiat and Abarth into our Birmingham and Sale showrooms. This added even more variety for Robins & Day customers from another iconic manufacturer whilst also providing full Servicing and MOT facilities.


Go Vauxhall is fully incorporated and rebranded as Robins & Day. The Robins & day brand and logo is redefined, referencing our parent company PSA Retail.


Go Vauxhall joined Robins & Day in 2018 following the integration of the Vauxhall and PSA retail networks. Later in the year, Now Vauxhall was acquired and incorporated under the GO Vauxhall brand, strengthening our representation across the capital and surrounding areas.

Old Logos

Representing 13 dealerships by 2016, Citroën Retail Group was merged into Robins & Day. The existing Robins & Day logo and brand identity was updated to reflect the three brands represented at this point.


Robins & Day took over the day to day running of Citroën Retail Group in 2010, with the aim of amalgamating processes and standards, raising customer satisfaction and encouraging employees to move freely between the different parts of the business.


Citroën Retail Group was founded with a small number of prominent Citroën dealerships in prime locations. This helped establish the brand in markets such as Manchester, Birmingham, and London. It also allowed Citroen to create dedicated business and fleet centres for those large market areas and grow that side of its business, especially where the LCV market was concerned, which has always been a stronghold for the Citroen brand.

Peugoet 500

In 1970, the dealerships became a wholly owned subsidiary of Peugeot Motor Company PLC and held the Peugeot franchise exclusively until 2016.

Black and White Collage

The company then became part of the Rootes Motor Company, selling Hillman Humber, Singer and Sunbeam models before later adding Talbot and then Peugeot in 1960.


The Robins and Day group was founded in 1913, when two bicycle businesses run by Mr Robins and Mr Day were incorporated.

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