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vauxhall ELECTRIC

Explore the range of Vauxhall electric cars at Stellantis &You including the all new Mokka-e and all new Corsa-e. Featuring a huge range of driving and cost saving benefits as well as sharp, stand out designs, stunning interiors and unrivalled technology. The large battery life on Vauxhall electric vehicles allow you to travel far and wide in pure in comfort with a smooth ride and immediate torque thanks to the 100% electric engine. 



New Vauxhall Corsa Electric

  • 17" Black alloy wheels with grey inserts
  • Silent black facia with liquid palladium insert
  • Driver's seat lumbar support
  • IntelliLux Matrix LED Headlights
  • 180 degree panoramic rear view camera

Vauxhall Astra Electric & Hybrid

  • 18" diamond cut alloy wheels
  • Three spoke flat bottom perforated leather effect steering wheel
  • 8 way electric adjustable drivers seat
  • Driver and front passenger ergonomic active sports-style seat (AGR approved)
  • Driver information display

Vauxhall Mokka Electric

  • 18" bi colour alloy wheels
  • Full leather seat trim with driver's seat massage function
  • Alcantara/leather - Jet black alcantara seat trim inserts with Black premium leather effect side bolsters
  • 11KW onboard charger
  • IntelliLux Matrix LED headlights with adaptive forward lighting with anti glare beam

Vauxhall Combo Life Electric

  • Black painted rear view mirror housing
  • Black painted door mirrors
  • Front intermittent wipers
  • Sliding LHS kerb + tilting window
  • Sliding RHS offside + tilting window

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So smooth. So quiet. So much fun to drive. Vauxhall electric cars produce instant torque as well as zero carbon emissions meaning you can enjoy the thrill of driving environmentally. 

The electric motor is also up to 90% more energy efficient than internal combustion engines and offer huge fuel consumption savings of 10p per mile* with All-new Corsa-e and the All-new Mokka-e working out to 3p per mile. 

Thanks to Vauxhall electric cars producing zero carbon emissions, you will pay £0 in car tax and benefit from other tax savings too. 


Vauxhall electric cars are equipped with next generation technology to keep you safe, connected and create a stress free environment so you can travel with full peace of mind. 

Vauxhall Corsa electric features a rear view camera allowing you to park like a pro with a 180° view. Adaptive Cruise Control keeps a close eye on traffic, speeding up and slowing down so you keep a safe distance from the car ahead. 

Vauxhall Mokka electric features electronic climate control and IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights that automatically adapt to the road and driving conditions. The larger driver information display gives you a rapid overview of all your electric-specific information including energy consumption to help you drive smarter. 



No CO2 Emissions

No CO2 emissions

Vauxhall electric vehicles produce 0g of CO2 emissions and produce no greenhouse gasses.

Charging in 30 minutes

Charging in 30 minutes

Rapid charge points allow you to charge Vauxhall electric batteries up to 80% in 30 minutes.

Up to 211 Miles

Up to 209 Miles*

Vauxhall electric vehicles have a battery life of up to 209 miles meaning no destination is out of reach.

300hp and 4 wheel drive

3 Driving modes

Increase the fun with Sport mode or switch to Eco and boost your range.


A Vauxhall electric car's range will vary depending on numerious factors such as road characteristics, weather conditions, driving style and the weight in your vehicle. Knowing what can change your range will help you get the most out of every single charge and extend your Vauxhall electric cars battery.

The two factors that affect your range the most are your speed and your acceleration. To drive like an electric pro try to avoid harsh braking, drive in eco modes, avoid unnecessary acceleration and try to plan your journey to avoid large inclines and drive at constant speeds.

Tyre pressure is also a contributor to energy consumption as flatter tyres burn up energy and decrease the range of your vehicle. Check your tyre pressure once a month to ensure it matches the figure in your handbook.


There are multiple charging options available for your Vauxhall electric vehicle including accelerated, domestic and rapid charging, each with varied charging times and capabilities. Many charging stations are located around the UK which can be operated by registering with the network, downloading the networks app and some now have card payments built in.

Accelerated charging was specifically designed for electric vehicles. It’s faster to charge than using a domestic plug. With power levels commonly at 7kW, your vehicle would fully charge in 7.5 hours. Domestic charging uses a standard household 3 pin socket. This method of charging can take 22 hours from a typical domestic household and can be risky if the socket has not been properly checked. Therefore we would always recommend that you have any socket you plan to charge from checked for suitability by a certified electrician. Rapid charging uses direct currents to charge the battery quickly. They charge the first 80% as fast and efficiently as possible and then stop or slow down charging for the final 20%.

Find local charging points near you using the map below:

Contact your local Stellantis &You VAUXHALL Dealership to find out more about a VAUXHALL ELECTRIC CAR

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18 August 2022


Electric car drivers could save up to £850 a year by changing how they charge-up.

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26 October 2021

Why are EVs outselling diesel cars?

Is the tide finally turning in the electric vs combustion debate? With EV sales currently outstripping diesel, we review the ongoing conundrum.


What's the cost of charging an electric vehicle?

The cost of charging an electric vehicle is fully dependent on where you charge and the cost electricity. Some public chargepoints are free, and others have variable charges.

Electricity is priced by kWh (kilowatt hour) - so for a full battery charge you multiply the price per kWh by the battery capacity. This is the same way you would multiply the price per gallon, by the fuel tank capacity. 

Average UK electricity cost is 12.5p per kWh
Vauxhall electric vehicles have a 50kW battery
So a full charge would cost 12.5p x 50 = £6.25. 
If you then drive the expected WLTP range of 217 miles, this equates to 2.8p per mile.

Is there a big difference when driving an electric vehicle?

An electric car has a lot of torque which means it accelerates quicker than most petrol or Diesel cars and is much more responsive when you use the throttle. The reduced noise is also noticable the first few times you drive the electric car as the engine is almost silent and is only noticeable when driving at speed. 

How much does it cost to tax an EV?

Many pure electric vehicles are not currently charged Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). However, an electric vehicle costing more than £40,000 will be subject to the £310 Premium Rate for years 2-6; as will PHEVs, which cost the flat rate of £120 (Standard Rate minus £10 Alternative Fuel Discount) for sub-£40,000 models. First year rates are usually zero, and BIK rates are much lower than petrol or diesel models.


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