Join the Vauxhall Electric Streets campaign to help electrify Britain

Join the Vauxhall Electric Streets campaign to help electrify Britain

24 August 2023

Vauxhall announced that they are launching the Electric Streets of Britain campaign as a way to support the 40% of households without off-street parking, and help them make the switch to electric. By collaborating with charge point operators and local councils they aim to accelerate the installation of on-street residential charging across the UK.

However, to achieve this they need help. Whether you currently drive an electric vehicle, or are considering one in future, your voice needs to be heard. Vauxhall are giving you the chance to highlight any residential charging requirements you need. With the data, you and other participants provide, Vauxhall will build a nationwide map of where current and future demand exists. This data will then be shared with councils to help them make informed investment decisions on where to add more charging points and the best areas to expand Low Emissions Zones to.

The sale of new petrol cars, Diesel cars, and vans, is set to end in the UK from 2030. This transition will require a reliable and accessible charging network that motorists across the country can utilise. Home charging is one of the key factors determining whether motorists decide to switch to electric. By completing the survey you can help Vauxhall work collaboratively with local councils and charge point operators to accelerate the adoption of this greatly important infrastructure.

How can you help?

Vauxhall has created a database allowing all motorists to register an interest in the installation of residential charge points on their street. Vauxhall intends to share this data with local councils and charging operators to help focus investment into the right areas.

You don’t need to own an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle to complete the form, as convincing people to switch is a primary focus of Vauxhall. They also want to hear from you to ensure the required infrastructure is ready for you should you transition.

Find out more about Vauxhall's exclusive research*

According to Vauxhall's exclusive data, over 70% of UK councils do not have a published strategy in place for installing residential on-street charging.

These findings originate from a Freedom of Information request submitted to 414 councils and local authorities all across the UK.

  • 71.6% of UK councils have no published strategy for residential on-street charging
  • 69% of local authorities have not currently installed any on-street residential charge points
  • London will soon house 19,105 on-street charge points – twice all other regions of the UK combined


* Details are based on Vauxhall's Freedom of Information request up to 2nd July 2023 and completed by 289 of the 414 councils approached


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