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The transition to electric is well underway, with the government planning to be net-zero by 2030 the electric car hub aims to make electric vehicle information easily accessible in one place, take a look at the sections below to discover more.

Here at Stellanits &You UK we have a fantastic selection of electric cars available today so you can start benefiting from lower running and maintenance costs as well as helping the planet with zero CO2 emissions.

Electric Car

An electric vehicle, also known as a BEV is a fully electric powered car with a battery powering the drive to the wheels. Our selection of electric cars cover a range of up to 225 miles, so you will be able to travel stress free.

Plug-in hybrid

A plug-in hybrid, also known as a PHEV offer a battery-powered drive of up to 43 miles to help increase overall fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. You can charge your plug-in hybrid at home or using a public charging point.

Mild hybrid car

Mild Hybrids, also known as MHEVs are growing increasingly popular, thanks to offering a new low emission driving experience by providing some electrical assistance to the internal combustion engine, at low speeds. 

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Myth busting – let’s break those common myths about electric cars!

At Stellanits &You UK we understand there are some myths about electric cars and we are here to put the record straight, answering some of the most common questions below

Are electric cars more expensive than petrol or diesel?

Initially the On the Road price of an electric vehicle tends to be higher than the equivalent petrol or diesel version. However, once you have taken into account the savings on fuel, servicing, taxing and clean air zone charges you will soon see the savings adding up!

Will an electric car have a long enough range for me?

Our electric cars have a range of up to 225 miles and according to Smart Transport the average car journey is just 8.4 miles. You could do that average journey 26 times in the brand-new Citroen e-C4 before you would even have to recharge.

How long do electric car batteries last?

When you purchase a new electric car you get all the same manufacturer warranty as you do with a petrol car. On top of this, you get an 8-year battery life guarantee, so If the capacity reduces below 70% we will replace or repair, it meaning you don’t need to worry.

Can I charge my electric car in the rain?

Whether you are charging your electric vehicle at a public charging station or simply from the comfort of your driveway there are safety features in place in all vehicles to charge safely come wind, rain or shine. So you can plug in, charge and relax whilst your car is charging whatever the weather!

Can my electric car be towed if i break down?

If your electric car runs out of charge, it is likely your roadside assistance will then tow your car using a flatbed to your nearest garage. However, if this is not an option you can review your model handbook to find out how to tow safely. 

How easy is it to charge an electric car?

Charging your car couldn’t be easier with over 42,000 public charging points across the UK and thanks to the Rapid charging points, you can get 80% charge in 30 minutes.

Stay connected and manage your electric car at the palm of your hand

One of the benefits with electric cars is you can manage it all from the palm of your hand thanks to the connected apps built by the car manufacturers.

Here you will be able to pre-set the temperature of your electric car without having to leave the house on cold winter mornings, or those warm summer days.

Enjoy the ease of monitoring all key driving statistics such as your fuel or electricity consumption, your running costs, and total journey time to keep you in the know. You will also find all of your service information in one convenient place, and have peace of mind if you break down you can easily contact us.

Clean Air Zone Checker

Find out if your car is ULEZ or Clean Air Zone complaint with our handy Clean Air Zone checker. Simply add the location your planning on driving to or through, add your registration and you're done! 

You can also find out where your local clean air zone is by using our interactive clean air zones map. Within this you can also discover a ULEZ zone map detailing the areas in London where you will have to pay ULEZ fees if your vehicle is not compliant. 

Clean Air Zone

Electric car charging near you

There are more than 42,000 charging points available for your electric vehicle including domestic and rapid charging, each with varied charging times and capabilities. Find electric charging points near you with Zap Maps.

Slow charging

Slow charging runs at 3kW and is the slowest method of charging your car. It can take up to 20 hours to charge to 100% of your cars range, making this more suited to overnight charging

Fast charging

Fast charging was specifically designed for electric cars, with power levels commonly at 7kW, and is faster to charge than using a domestic plug meaning your car would fully charge in 7.5 hours.

Rapid charging

Charge your car in just 30 minutes with a rapid charger. Using a 43kW they charge the first 80% as fast and efficiently as possible and then stop or slow down charging for the final 20%.

Choose the right electric car for you

Are you still unsure whether or not electric car is right for you? We have built a quiz that in just 3 simple questions, will allow you to know if your driving style matches an electric car. 

Electric car maintenance

Spend less time at your local Stellantis &You dealer and more time on the road, as electric cars require less maintenance due to having fewer moving parts.

You’ll no longer need to change your oil, oil filters, bulbs or to change belts so you can be a saving UP TO 40% compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle. On top of this with less wear on parts like brakes, it is more likely to pass its MOT.

Electric cars still need maintenance, but the list is much shorter. You will need to:

  • Have your first service at 8,000 miles/1year, then servicing 16,000 miles
  • Change brake fluid every 2 years
  • Replace pollen filter every 16,000 miles / 2 years
  • Check coolant pH at 9,000 / 4 years, then every 16,000 miles / 2 years

Electric car battery warranty

Benefit from an 8-year warranty on the traction battery, with a minimum capacity of 70% with every electric car. If the battery capacity drops lower than 70%, you can have it repaired or replaced with a brand-new battery. As well as this extended warranty, your electric vehicle benefits from the same manufacturer warranty that comes with a petrol or diesel car.

At Stellantis &You UK, we have manufacturer-trained technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get excellent service every time.


  • When traveling around the UK, it is important to know all about low emissions zones as it can cost an average £15,  in an electric car you are exempt from these charges.

  • Yes, an electric car has an improved driving experience thanks to an electric car not having a gearbox you can experience instantly available torque meaning they are quicker to accelerate. 

  • The cost of annual road tax for most drivers can be up to £620, when you make the switch to an electric car, due to the zero emissions the road tax is £0.

  • The average home charging point costs around £800 to install, however, there is a range of different manufacturers and wall boxes available for electric car drivers our manufacturer-trained advisors can explain all of the options available to you. 

  • Your driving style can have a large impact on the range of your electric car, to get the best of the range of your car avoid sharp accelerating and braking, and use cruise control where possible. Using your air-conditioning and heating can impact your range by up to 33%, using these features sparingly can help you make the most out of your range.

  • Yes, you can tow a trailer on a range of electric cars, however it is important to note that towing a trailer will impact the range of your electric car.

  • Electric cars can save your business money thanks to reduced refueling, maintenance, tolls, and road tax costs and are subject to low Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) rates thanks to government incentives.

  • There are a range of difference ways to charge your electric or hybrid car, using a standard 3 pin domestic plug, a home charger or one of the 42,000 public chargers available about the UK.

  • Public charging costs can vary depending on the provider, however charging at home and during the evening when many electric companies charge less during night time hours is the cheapest way of charging your vehicle.