Peugeot hybrid maintenance

A Peugeot hybrid can be made up of over 100 million lines of code requiring a high level of expertise, tools and specific safety measures to maintain. Our expert technicians receive the latest training to carry out this high level of service to offer you extra peace of mind.

Personalised Peugeot maintenance contract

The maintenance requirements of your Peugeot hybrid combines that of a combustion engine plus an electric vehicle. We have created a hybrid maintenance contract which includes everything you need for the same price as a combustion engines service. This includes roadside assistance, faults (replacement or repair of faulty parts), periodic maintenance and the replacement of the parts that wear the most (brake pads, wiper blades, etc.).

This Peugeot hybrid maintenance contract keeps costs as low as possible for you by keeping to the service schedule which will be cheaper than paying case by case. The price of the maintenance contract will stay the same without impact from external factors such as inflation and will improve the resale value of your Peugeot hybrid.

Peugeot Hybrid Maintenance Contract
Peugeot Hybrid Specialists

Peugeot hybrid specialists

The cutting-edge technology of your Peugeot hybrid requires a specifically trained technician with the right tools for the cars unique features. Our Stellantis &You Peugeot technicians receive ongoing training to perfectly master all the work that needs to be carried out to ensure the durability and safety of your electric vehicle.

As we are Peugeot manufacturer owned you won't be taking any risks bringing your Peugeot hybrid to us as we're the ones who know your car best. Plus, we will return your Peugeot hybrid washed, cleaned and charged.

Manufacturer approved technicians

All our technicans are manufacturer approved, so you can visit one of our workshops with full peace of mind that your Peugeot is in safe hands.

Allocated timed appointments

Pick a time which suits you to bring your vehicle in for a Peugeot service with our state-of-the-art booking system. Select your collection option so you can drop and collect your vehicle with ease.

Free vehicle health check

Our complimentary Peugeot vehicle health check is carried out free of charge with every service or repair. We assess the key elements of your vehicle including lights tyres, exhaust and suspension. 

Complimentary wash

Drive away from a Stellantis &You Peugeot service centre near you in style with a shiny, clean exterior thanks to our complimentary wash with every Peugeot service and repair.

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