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It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Register the Gift Card you’ve received from your local dealer. Recommend us to your friends & family online. When a referred friend purchases a new or used car from Stellantis &You UK, you can claim your top up online. It’s that easy!

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Using the Gift Card you’ve received, enter the card number below, your contact e-mail address and create a password that you can remember (you’ll need this later!). After getting permission from your friends, you can enter their name, contact e-mail address and phone number and we’ll arrange for an advisor to contact them. The number of friends & family you can refer is limitless. The more you recommend, the more you can earn & spend!

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A referred friend buys a car from Stellantis &You UK

Make sure you stay in contact with the friends you have recommended! Once they’ve purchased a car from us you can claim your £50 top up in step 3.

Claim your top up online & spend!

Once your referred friend notifies you of their purchase, you can login using your Gift Card number or e-mail address. Simply enter the registration of your friend’s new or used car, click claim top up and await a confirmation email. Once confirmed, the dealer will do the legwork for you! Love2shop will notify you by email once your card has been credited. You’re then ready to hit the high street and spend!

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Are you an existing customer of Stellantis &You UK? Do you want to be part of our recommend a friend scheme?

If so, you can order your card by contacting your local dealership

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